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In your room, where souls disappear, only you exist here..

dasha stokoz
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I'm not perfect.
abstract art, amedeo clemente modigliani, american beauty, amores perros, amsterdam, anime, anton corbijn, asian cinema, at the drive in, beautiful people, bjork, black celebration, bloc party, cats, charles baudelaire, chinawoman, cinema of france, cinema of spain, coffee bars, concept formation, contemporary artists, david bowie, depeche mode, depeche mode parties, don quixote, editors, esthetic education, evangelion, fever ray, frida kahlo, future shorts, gilmore girls, goldfrapp, grapefruits, gravitation, heroes, ian curtis, imperfection, independent games, jack white, jarvis cocker, javier bardem, jay-jay johanson, jim jarmusch, john fowles, jorge luis borges, joy division, julio médem, kent, la science des rêves, lie on the grass, literary criticism, long skirts, louis garrel, martin l. gore, massive attack, molodist', nine inch nails, patrick wolf, paul éluard, pedro almodóvar, pet shop boys, pj harvey, portishead, printing press, pyjamas, radiohead, richie edwards, robert smith, scribbles, self-criticism, short films, short nails, sigur ros, sonic youth, subway, tattoos, the cure, the knife, the magus, the mars volta, the rolling stones, the white stripes, the x-files, tights, tim burton, tom waits, trip-hop, violator, white rose movement, yeah yeah yeahs, богдан-ігор антонич, дзвінка матіяш, мертвий півень, сhinese whispers, сoffee and сigarettes, тарас прохасько, юрій андрухович, імпресіоністичний нарис, історія класичного мистецтва